Single Shot Shredding Service
If you aren’t going to need consistent shredding every week or every month, but you know you have all kinds of documents and files that need to be shredded then you want the one time shredding service. In these circumstances you talk with our professionals to figure out the right day and time to show up and take care of all major shredding. You can get charges done by the box of paper or by the kilogram.

Even if it is just one time a year, always right after tax season, or if it is a true one time thing, you can count on us to provide either on-site or off-site shredding services. So whether you want to bring the documents to us and take care of transportation according to your standards or have us come to you and take care of it right there. Your choice!

Regular Scheduled Shredding Services
There are some Vancouver businesses that need regular shredding services. Let’s face it: some businesses and professions simply require more shredding of documents and more paper production than others. This is why it is so important to have the ability to schedule a regular time by the week, by the month, or by the quarter for all residential or commercial paper shredding services.

Find a professional company that has the ability to take care of all your personal needs. If their schedule doesn’t work for you, then find someone who offers scheduling options that do work for your specific residential or business needs.

Residential Shredding Services
When it comes to offering paper shredding service in Vancouver, it’s important to note that there is a heavy and hungry market for both commercial and residential shredding. Home businesses or even regular home owners can have times where they need to shred a lot, and a simple phone call should get you on-site shredding to take care of whatever documents need to be sliced and diced up. Preventing identity theft is critically important nowadays, after all.